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Aggressive asset management key to performance

The future performance leaders will be those owners that aggressively move with the times, says Tony Bales, property asset manager at Old Mutual Properties.

"It has become necessary to start looking at property as a more liquid asset than in the past. In order to maximise returns, one has to take a view on where the better future performance is going to come from and actively position one's portfolio to take advantage of such opportunities," says Bales.

"For many years property owners have been too passive in repositioning their property portfolios, and they must now utilise a new range of skills to actively manage larger portfolios," he says.

Since January this year, Old Mutual Properties has attracted in excess of R1bn of offers on various properties for sale for their clients through a concerted drive to create liquidity. "The top performer over the past several years has been regional shopping centres, which has underpinned many institutional owners' decisions to invest in such assets," says Bales