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Property News

Rode & Associates expand annual property events


Owing to popular demand, a number of events organized annually by Rode & Associates have been expanded to include additional venues around the country.

The house party is officially over for now


There is much debate currently among property experts, with one camp predicting a continuing downward spiral for the foreseeable future, while the other maintains the current scenario is a bump on a road that will soon head skywards once again.

Electricity crisis could affect property values


Capitalization rates — the property equivalent of the forward earnings yield of shares — have remained put despite a deteriorating inflation and interest rate outlook. This is according to the latest Rode’s Report on the South African Property Market which reports on surveys conducted during the fourth quarter of 2007.

Office developers’ uncomfortable risk exposure


Just as prime office rentals currently lead the pack in decentralized Johannesburg with 23% growth on the previous year, so too is this area leading the pack in committed new office developments.

Cap rates under pressure


Although survey results from the last quarter of 2007 do not yet show it, capitalization rates for non-residential properties are more than likely under pressure at the moment, says Erwin Rode of property economists and valuers Rode & Associates.

How will the electricity crisis affect property?


Prior to the recent paralysis of the mining industry, most South Africans probably did not fully appreciate the extent of the country’s electricity problems and the implications they hold for the economy — and hence the property market. 

Where to invest? A new tool provides the answers.


Rode’s Growth Points – the latest in the range of pioneering, industry-standard property tools available from Rode Property Publications – was recently launched to the property industry at a function in Johannesburg. Set to answer the all-important question of “where to invest?” in non-residential property in nine major South African cities, the tool reveals both the best areas for investment as well as the worst in both office nodes and industrial townships.

Higher rental rates for large factories


An interesting anomaly is beginning to occur across a number of South Africa’s more popular industrial townships: larger industrial buildings are commanding higher rental rates per m² than their smaller counterparts. 

Reporting of rates hikes causes déjà vu fears amongst Johannesburg property owners


The property market recently experienced a sense of déjà vu as Johannesburg property owners waited to hear the final outcome of the city’s new municipal valuation role – in much the same way that Capetonian property owners awaited the news of their own valuations a year ago.

Cape Town CBD leisure market positioned for growth


The Cape Town CBD is set to experience phenomenal growth in its visitor economy sector, according to the findings presented recently at the Cape Town Partnership’s (CTP’s) 8th Annual General Meeting.