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Property News

Summing up the economic forecast


Attendance at the 2007 Annual Rode Conference held last month in Cape Town and Johannesburg “broke all previous records”, according to property economist and conference organizer, Erwin Rode of Rode & Associates.

“For the first time in the history of the conference, we had to turn delegates away,” comments Rode, who once again presented his annual Prognosis for Property. 

Negotiating the National Credit Act


At the recent Rode Annual Conference held last month, John Gilchrist (editor of My Mortgage magazine) described the new National Credit Act as a vehicle with which to “save South Africans from themselves”. 

A rosy future for non-residential property


The rising star among property portfolios for the foreseeable future is the non-residential market. This has been revealed in the latest Rode’s Report, which consolidates the findings of research conducted by property valuers and economists, Rode & Associates, for the second quarter of 2007.

Commenting in particular on the industrial property market, Erwin Rode notes: “Robust growth in building costs and land values, coupled with low vacancy rates and ravenous demand, have pushed industrial rentals even higher during the second quarter of 2007.”

Recognising the next best thing


With the residential property cycle having levelled off and heading for a downswing, buyers still wanting to invest should learn to spot up-and-coming areas.

Promising Port Elizabeth on a steady rise


From the R116-million upgrade to its beachfront to the multi-billion rand Coega industrial development zone and deepwater port 20km up the coast, Port Elizabeth's economic rise is steadily spilling over to the property market.

Residential prices outrun rentals


Residential rentals have not remotely kept up with house-price growth over the last few years.

Industrial land values become moving targets


Industrial land values are now in the same prime position that residential property found itself in during the last few years.

"South Africa set to follow international worst practice" Rode


A report presented recently to Cabinet on the development of policy on foreign land ownership is sure to draw much public debate, once it is updated with international comparatives and thrown open for comment.

Developers await final decisions on inclusionary housing policy


After months of waiting, South African developers will soon be hearing the final outcome on the national housing department’s policy on inclusionary housing.

World Cup Fever – Germany balances the books


As 2010 World Cup fever continues to climb, South Africa may be wise to temper its expectations as Germany balances the final books on its own World Cup and discovers the post-match coffers are not quite as full as predicted.