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Property News

Moderately growing industrial rentals displaying slack demand


Disappointing for the demand prospects of industrial property must have been the recent moderation in economic activity.

Cement sales growing again, but still no light at the end of the tunnel


Despite sales of cement showing growth again, for the building industry there is still no light at the end of the tunnel.

Office demand still taking a siesta


For now, no improvement in the demand for office space is detectable, this according to the latest issue of Rode’s Report on the State of the South African Property Market (2011:3).

Relapse in business confidence to further retard office demand


For now, no improvement in the demand for office space is detectable, with vacancy rates in general continuing to move sideways.

Flat rentals outperforming house and townhouse rentals


Despite still showing mediocre growth — below consumer inflation — flat rentals are at least outperforming house and townhouse rentals.

Banks’ hesitancy pulling down house prices


For now, near-term prospects for the beleaguered housing market remain bleak; this as weaknesses in the residential mortgage market are likely to persist.

In search of a silver lining


Dark clouds remain fixed over the building-construction industry as non-residential building activity is now also contracting.

Health returning to industrial property


Industrial property is showing signs of a recovery with vacancy rates seemingly levelling off and rentals once again showing growth.

Contracting demand explains sticky office-vacancy rates


The take-up of office space remains feeble for now, explaining why vacancy rates are still stubbornly refusing to drop.

Steady renewal of optimism in commercial property market


March 30, 2011; Johannesburg: First National Bank and property consultants Rode and Associates today launched a report on the country’s property market that shows a gradual return of cautious optimism in the office and industrial sectors of the property market. The latest Rode’s Report on the SA Property Market states that capitalization rates strengthened (i.e. declined) marginally in the fourth quarter of 2010.