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Building-cost inflation at single-digit growth


Interesting reading regarding the overall health of the building industry has been the deceleration in building-cost inflation.

Roll on ‘expensive’ electricity


The last scheduled electricity load-shedding may have happened as far back as April 2008, but we’re not yet out of the woods, considering the thin reserve margin of Eskom – not only now but for many years into the future. This margin is so thin that it puts a ceiling of about 3% annual growth on the South African economy for about seven years to come.

Eiendom staan sterk


Groei in woonstelhuur in gebiede soos Johannesburg, Pretoria en Kaapstad het die afgelope drie jaar min of meer met verbruikersprysinflasie (9% p.j.) ooreengestem terwyl huurgeld in Durban (12% p.j.) en Port Elizabeth (11% p.j.) selfs daarin kon slaag om effens beter as inflasie te presteer.

Property still strong


Growth in flat rentals, in areas such as Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, has for the past three years remained roughly in line with consumer price inflation (+9% p.a.) while in Durban (+12% p.a.) and Port Elizabeth (+11% p.a.) rentals even managed to marginally outperform inflation.

Rode raises red flag on industrial property


Erwin Rode of property economists Rode & Associates has urged investors to exercise caution with industrial property, particularly in the short term.

Stagflation hits building industry


An interesting observation in recent quarters has been the acceleration in building-input-cost inflation, while building-contract-cost inflation has been decelerating.

Non-residential property is still healthy, thank you


Office- and industrial-property rentals continue to grow impressively, shows the latest issue of Rode’s Report on the SA Property Market. In spite of this, building plans approved for new office and industrial buildings are slowing down markedly.

Vacancies level out in the Cape Town CBD


Consensus seems to be developing amongst economists that the South African economy is going to decelerate sharply to a growth rate of about 3% p.a. over the next few years.

<em>Rode’s Growth Points</em> a vital tool in determining risk


At a time when the world and its bankers have become more risk averse, Rode has released the second and improved issue of Rode’s Growth Points. This publication rates the investment attractiveness of 80 office nodes and 200 industrial townships countrywide.

Slow-down in passing of non-residential building plans


While the slow-down in building activity in the residential sector has been expected, recent statistics for non-residential property have surprisingly shown that this sector is also now beginning to weaken.