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Rode's Time Series special offer

Rode’s Time Series database:
special offer available now

Property research incomplete without Rode’s Time Series

No research is complete without the proper historical data to substantiate it. Robust research is essential in making the right strategic decisions. Hence Rode’s Time Series Lite, an electronic database of more than
2 000 property-related time series, is an obligatory tool when doing proper property research. 

Also available, as an extension of Rode’s Time Series Lite, is Rode’s Time Series Pro.  This database provides access to over 6 000 property-related time series – a must for the serious property analyst. The main difference between the Pro and the Lite database is that the former contains the disaggregated or nodal data from which several time series included in the latter are calculated. Hence the difference between the two versions boils down to the degree of disaggregation.

What is Rode’s Time Series and how can you benefit from it?

A time series is data ordered chronologically, for example, grade-A office rentals in Sandton, every quarter, from quarter 1 of 1988 to the present. Rode’s Property Time Series database is aimed at all property-related research functions of which the analyses are vital for management in making the right strategic decisions. Rode’s Time Series database is also the backbone for presentations, as it allows users to plot their own graphs for annual reports and brochures. In addition, it is essential in doing property valuations. The time series includes important property variables such as capitalization and escalation rates, residential and non-residential rentals, market values for industrial stands, etc. The data of both Rode’s Time Series Lite and Pro is updated quarterly and covers all the major metropolitan areas of South Africa and also a few secondary cities.

Special offer for new subscribers

Subscribe before the end of January 2019 and you will receive one year’s subscription to Rode’s Time Series Lite at the special discounted price of R10.400 (excl. VAT). This represents a discount of R2.600,00 on the normal price of R13.000 (excl. VAT).  Or, subscribe to Rode’s Time Series Pro at the special discounted price of R20.000 (excl. VAT).  This represents a discount of R5.000 on the normal price of R25.000 (excl. VAT).  That’s a mega saving of 20%! 

How to get the winning edge

To rent your copy of Rode’s Time Series, simply send an e-mail to lynette@rode.co.za  making sure you indicate which version of the Time Series database you are requesting. Note that Rode’s Time Series is available only in electronic (Excel) format and is sent out to subscribers via e-mail.

If you would like more information regarding Rode’s Time Series, this special offer or any of our other property research publications, please send an e-mail to lynette@rode.co.za.