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Property-return expectations ‘unrealistic’

The property market’s expectations regarding the total returns it can earn on non-residential property are unrealistically high and out of touch with what can reasonably be expected in the present lower-inflation environment.

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Unlisted property finally turning

Capitalization rates finally appear to be softening, fuelled by listed property funds’ insatiable demand for non-residential directly-held property. This improving trend seems evident for all types of non-residential property except industrials, according to the about-to-be released Rode’s Report for quarter 2003:3.

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Value your view

It’s official — a house’s view is an integral part of its value. A full bench of five Appeal Court judges has, in a recent far-reaching decision, found in favour of a Durban homeowner who took the council to court for approving a development that would spoil his view.

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Fiasco looms as CGT deadline is ignored

The looming deadline for the completion date of capital gains tax (CGT) valuations will in all likelihood bring on another drivers’ licence fiasco — with the result that commercial, industrial and residential property investors who have neglected to have proper valuations done will end up paying more in CGT, says Erwin Rode, property economist.

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Durban CBD on the rebound

While real prime CBD office rentals have been flat everywhere, the Durban CBD has surprised with real rentals rising for the last three quarters. And money talks, a local leasing manager says. This increased demand is likely to be the result of firms returning to the CBD.

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