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Valuations for CGT: The devil is in the detail

Doing a valuation is like doing research. The valuer has to support the crucial variables in his valuation model with empirical evidence and analysis that will stand up to scrutiny, says Erwin Rode, CEO of Rode & Associates.

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Metro valuation system is ‘old hat’

Residential properties in the City of Cape Town will be valued for the current general valuation (GV) of houses in the Cape Metropole, by Americans, using a sophisticated computerised multivariate valuation technique known as CAMA (computer-assisted mass appraisal). However, says Erwin Rode of Rode & Associates, the technique itself is old hat and should have been used in South Africa more than a decade ago.

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Hurdle rate drops to 19%

Profit expectations in the property industry are dropping in line with declining inflation expectations, says property economics and valuations firm Rode & Associates in its latest property state report.

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News Release: Rode’s Report for quarter 2000:3

State of the Property Market by Rode

A dramatic turnaround in office rental rates nationally and excellent returns on property unit trusts are boding well for the industry, says property economists Rode & Associates in their third quarter State of the Property Market report.

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News release: The Rode Conference 2000 in Johannesburg

Which way will institutional investors’ money go after recent encouraging property returns? Tasked with analysing the future of listed property at the upcoming annual Rode conference in Johannesburg is Ron van der Bos, property analyst of BoE Securities.The Rode-BoE Corporate conference for property professionals will be held at the MTN Sundome, next to the Northgate shopping centre in Randburg on 25 August 2000.

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News Release: Rode’s Report for quarter 2000:2

Property Poised for Recovery

The SA property market has shown favourable, albeit patchy, signs of improvement on the back of better business prospects in the first quarter of 2000. But, according to property economists Rode & Associates’ quarterly property report, the industry is far from being out of the doldrums.

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