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Rode’s Property research articles

What makes property different?

Some investors grow up believing religiously in the infallibility of bricks and mortar as an investment class, others will never be convinced. It may have a lot to do with one’s risk profile and degree of ignorance.

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Here’s an investment for pensioners!

Those of us who were brought up in an inflationary environment thought that this was how the world normally functions. Not so. The history of the world’s major economies shows that through the ages the normal state of affairs has been no or little inflation. Economists seem to have reached consensus that South Africa is now heading back to this normal state of affairs, lagging the rest of the world by about a decade.

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Timing, Timing, Timing

When buying a property, location is not nearly as important as timing. This seems to fly in the face of conventional wisdom, so I better explain myself swiftly before the lynch mob gets the upper hand…

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Prospects for Property’s Performance – Oct 99

In the good old days – before inflation reared its head in the early 1970s – South African property investors didn’t worry about the “performance” of their real estate. Nor did they know how to calculate total returns (income yield plus capital appreciation) for a specific period.

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