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What is Trends and how can you benefit from it?

‘Trends’ is aimed at general management — where strategic decisions are taken — and property investment analysts who are involved in asset allocation and viability studies. Valuers who use forecasting in their valuation method would also find it indispensable. It is a unique, statistically-based analysis and contains a forecast of all key indicators affecting the property market and property investment – over the next 5 years. The forecasts are updated every six months using an econometric model and covers the major metropolitan areas of South Africa, thus giving you a complete framework for property investment planning.

The forecasts in Trends include those for standard capitalization rates, prime industrial and office rentals for major cities, office take-up for grades A and B combined for major cities, office vacancies for major cities, building costs, the property cycle, expected total returns on a notional office-building portfolio, etc.

Invest in Trends before you invest in property

To run a computerized and national market research operation yourself, would cost you about R700.000 a year or more – if you could find a property economist with expertise and the necessary database. Trends will bring the cost down to less than one quarter the salary of a secretary.

How to get the winning edge

If you would like more information on how you could benefit from Trends, please e-mail Juwayra on juwayra@rode.co.za or contact her on 021 946 2480 for your subscription.

The December 2017 edition of Rode’s Property Trends has been made available as a demo.

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Price in 2021

R20 750 + VAT per year for two digital issues per annum.
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