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Latest South African property news

High flat vacancy rates put rentals under pressure

Investing in flats used to have the advantage that vacancies were as a rule extremely low. Not anymore.

Investing in the flat market is currently risky due to rising vacancies and resultant slow rental growth, according to Kobus Lamprecht, Head of Research at Rode & Associates.

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Property valuers Rode & Associates has once again been recognised for its outstanding expertise in property valuation.

The Cape Town-based company received a total of six Diamond Arrow awards, representing 1st overall in each of six categories. In a seventh category it achieved a Golden Arrow award. 

This follows PMR.africa’s annual national survey on property valuers in South Africa, with users of valuation services rating companies across a range of 20 attributes.

Commenting on the awards, Erwin Rode, CEO of Rode & Associates, says: “It is once again an enormous honour for our company to be recognised in this way by users of valuation services, and it speaks to the quality of our team – all of whom are post-graduates. Last year we received four Diamond Arrows, and three Golden Arrows, and this year we’ve surpassed ourselves.”

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