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How to reach potential clients in the property industry

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Advertising is most effective when one can focus on a highly targeted group and offer services that directly impact on that group. Such an opportunity now exists at Rode & Associates.

Our publications offer independent analysis of the property market and are targeted at a highly defined database of property professionals such as developers, managers, landlords, investors, merchant and commercial banks and non-residential property brokers.

We offer advertising space:

Rode's flagship publication, Rode's Report on the South African Property Market, reaches approximately 2.900 property practitioners, who use it as a reference bible. We have some 3.600 subscribers to the popular monthly newsletter, Rode Review, and our website sees an average of about 170.000 hits per month – that's about 37.000 unique visitors per year.

The numbers, however, are less impressive than the quality of exposure you get. Which is why your advertising is more likely to attract a favourable response. So try us now.

Click here (PDF – 502KB) to see our advertising rate card. Alternatively, contact Lynette Smit on 0219462480 / 0823235799 or send an e-mail to

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